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Mums stars the day you died.

If you focus all your energy in a single direction, you will achieve something remarkable this week. With the Sun in your birth sign positively linked to ingenious Uranus, followed by a Leo New Moon, there must be no more wondering if you are making the right moves. Choose a path and stick to it – if you believe that it will lead to the kind of success you know you deserve, then it will.

My thoughts.

Every thing at Pembrey sorted, bed donated to charity and so have all her clothes and bedding to an old age home in Alexander really lovely old lady came to fetch them. I managed to get it done over the weekend by myself, and now all your worldly goods are in my spare room. That is so sad for me but you are near at all times.

The funeral went of without a hitch and so did the wake afterwards at the country club and the bill was only R12K you would have been proud of for that. Lol

We have had some beautiful flowers and a lovely arrangement from Arch Tutu and his wife, he also sent us a very moving email tribute.  Now the rest of the family have pushed off out of Johannesburg and once again left me to finish off sorting out mums things, hay ho.

 Miss you lots and am not sure what I will do with my Wednesdays now, I suppose I can get down to my sewing and the such like. Can you guide me as to where and what I can do please, I know your busy with dad and my dad and the dogs but I'm sure you can find a bit if time to set me on the right path. Thank you for the special times we had together and you taught me love, respect and tolerance. I am very glad you had the time you did with Charles and all the times we spoke with him on FT he really loves you and will miss you loads and that you had time with Izzy, who takes after you in a lot of ways, stubborn, cleaver, strong willed, I know you will guide her well.


We had tea and scones at home to celebrate your birthday and George and I went into the garden in the sun by the Jasmine one of your favorite spots as you could see everything we had done. Btw the palm tree is looking a little sad at the moment better get the gardener to dig it out before it falls over tee hee.  It's cold and cloudy today so best dress up warm, I really should get my day on the go still got lots to sort out but nearly done. Have found a couple of things that Charles will like so they are in his room waiting for him.


It's been a long time since I spoke to you, sorry, still miss all our chats and laughs, the palm tree has finally met its maker and so did the yucca trees next to it and I must say the garden looks so much brighter for it. We are in the process of taking out all the trees that should not be there. Then it will be the slow process of re landscaping the different areas, which will be a slow process as it takes time to understand where things should be. 



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